Fluoxetine has been mentioned to induce medicine communications. , if you take place to have any type of unpleasant weird strange symptoms they undesirable be odd to signs doctor that prescribed Fluoxetine..

Never take more of Fluoxetine at the same time - also if you missed out on a dose.


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Fig 1. Obscure?

Prozac In Uk

If any one of the signs stated above appear to obtain even worse, consult your medical service provider as your dosage could have to be adjusted.


Tell your wellness treatment company if you think Prozac is not working well for you, but do not quit the treatment all of a sudden to stay clear of such withdrawal symptoms as irritation, state of mind modifications, pins and needles or tingling in the hands or feet, tiredness, problem sleeping or remaining asleep, agitation, frustration, confusion, lightheadedness, or stress and anxiety.

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It works by bring back the equilibrium of serotonin in the brain.